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High-Quality Lawn


We offer a number of options to keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful all season long. We’ll work with you to better understand what types of services you are interested in and how often you would like them.

Full Lawn Service

Weekly or Bi-Weekly mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing clippings off walkways.

Lawn Fertilization

Single service or scheduled seasonally. Fertilizer application completed by a property specialist to give your lawn that lush green look.

Pesticide Application

A Pennsylvania Certified Pesticide Applicator will treat your lawn for pests such as grubs or chinch bugs.

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Landscape Maintenance

We offer mulching, edging, and hedge & shrub trimming. We will work with you in identifying what individual or combination of services will keep your lawn looking amazing and within your budget.

new mulch in front of house


Pick a color and let the Oasis team do the rest. We pick up, deliver, and apply the mulch to your landscape beds.


Make your landscaping pop with a clearly defined transition edge between your lawn and landscaping beds.

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

Let a property specialist trim back overgrown bushes for that well-manicured look or prune shrubs for greater overall health.

Spring and Fall

Leaf and Debris

Leaving leaves and natural debris on your property and allowing them to build up will cause problems that only get worse with time. Here in the Northeast, we have an increasing problem with Lyme-disease carrying tics, and if you allow your pets outside in the yard they will surely attract tics that hide in dead leaves and debris.

Allowing leaves and debris to build up also increases fire-risk and an increase of property-damaging critters like groundhogs, rodents, and wood-destroying insects. If the tidiness of your property feels unmanageable or you’d like to get a head start on the changing of the seasons, give us a call and we can help you find a solution.

Worker using Leaf Blower

Spring Cleanup

Winter can be harsh on a property. Let the Oasis team provide leaf and branch removal, turf repair, and general landscape bed maintenance to get your yard back on track.

Fall Cleanup

Avoid dead spots on your lawn next spring by removing the leaves, branches, and other debris from your yard prior to winter.


Snow Removal

Keep your employees and customers safe this winter. We offer snow removal services of walkways and parking lots throughout the duration of a storm.

Snow causes a lot of problems that can be easily remedied by hiring a professional snow removal service. We have the equipment, personnel, experience, and time to handle your commercial snow removal. Our snow removal services aren’t done until your business is safe; we will make multiple removal trips until all the snow is gone, no exceptions.

Salting services available upon request.

man with a snow blowing machine